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Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis

Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis

Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis love to murder free speech, civil right, industrial rights, human rights, … of other people while they want to enjoy these rights everywhere!

Forums, groups and area controlled by the Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis are open to themselves and close to other people. They have been passing their propaganda to themselves and thus in a way consciously and subconsciously becoming victims of their own propaganda.

Apart from insanity and profanity they can not add anything in any debate! They love to tell others to improve their knowledge as they feel more knowledgeable to others! Most importantly, their evidence is based on insult and abase rather than facts!

They call their opponents ‘ant-Semites’ while they are NOT Semites in the first place.

They call their opponents ‘racists’ while they are the biggest racist in the God’s earth.

--- In, "bruce" wrote:

Re: I think the time is right to remove the word islam from the dictionary

I think the time is right to remove the word islam from the dictionary for the sake of world peace, stability, justice and humanity.

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque"

I think the time is right to remove the word Jew from the dictionary

According to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim documentation the Jews broke their covenant with God and Moses and they were condemned! Yet, les than 0.001% people are false claiming to be Jews and causing troubles over the centuries!

I think the time is right to remove the word Jew from the dictionary for the sake of world peace, stability, justice and humanity.

--- In, "mechelsamberg" wrote:
Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

Honey, don't flatter yourself. Nothing that trash like you could say would get a rise out of me.

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Oops, I must have hit a raw nerve. Sorry "Hon." But of course, that's your prob, and only you can deal with it.

--- In, "mechelsamberg" wrote:

It must suck to be inferior. Tell me honestly, how does it feel?

--- In, "Jodie" jodie_usa2000@ wrote:

Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

Oh, my hon... You do have a bad case of mistrust and of bringing too much attention to yourself... tut tut....

I really do hate to break the news to you, but the subject of "Jew" rarely comes to my mind... especially in my daily thoughts or conversations with others (outside this group). What makes you think you (Jew) are that important ??

Is the subject of "Jew" your main source of interest ?? Hon, you really have to get off that and think of something else. Do you have a pet ?? I have a big black cat with white belly and paws. He weighs 16 lbs. and his name is "Boots." He likes for me to scratch his belly. Right now he is trying to sit in front of the puter...... ghk..Guess I'll go......eytyi] h-]\,,,,,,,


--- In, "mechelsamberg" wrote:
Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

So are you teaching your little grand-kids not to trust Jews like a good little Jew hater?

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:
Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP



How condescending of you !! Hilarious !! I'm beginning to think you are a female... !! Really, hon... There just aren't that many Jews in my area of north Texas. Now, down a little further in Dallas the Jewish population is much heavier . Big D has lots of money, and that always a big pull for Jews.

Still laughing... [:D]


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Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

Gee, hon. And you don't that the stupid remarks here are offensive to Jews? How very white of you to have one token Jewish friend.

--- In, "Jodie" jodie_usa2000@ wrote:
Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP


I am a little old 115 lbs. , 76 year old Grannie. I have 3 grown kids, all married, and 3 grand kids whom I babysit after school.

I have one very nice Jewish friend in my life, but I don't know any KKK members in this part of Texas... only cowboys.

About 8 years ago, a bunch of Jewish guys came into FAN and tried to take over the group. They cursed me and other members and called us filthy names, and would not leave the group. I complained to Yahoo Groups, who sent a Yahoo staff member to our group to observe for 3 days. Those filthy mouthed guys (and some females) suddenly became so shy that they couldn't think of anything to say to the few of us that remained !! The cowards left FAN and never came back !!

If you or others would like to read any of these related posts, they are still in the archives... waaay back, 8 years ago. "mechelsamberg" might even be one of them !! ?? When you came into FAN with a smart ass attitude, you brought back some bad memories.

Do you have anything constructive to offer ??



--- In, "mechelsamberg"
Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

Since you've made so many friends, can you recommend someone who does a good job of cleaning and pressing your sheets for those Jew hating KKK meetings that you attend?

--- In, "Jodie" jodie_usa2000@ wrote:

Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

"mechelsamberg" ,

You say you are in 263 groups ?? You counted them ?? You can find a group that will accept your hatred and unfriendliness ?? One cannot continually condemn and criticize and expect friendship in return.

I have been in this group (and 2 others) for 10 years and have made many friends. Yet, you purposely have tried to provoke rather than make any attempts of kindness or friendship.


--- In, "mechelsamberg"
Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

You must be shitting me. This is one of the most HATEFUL groups that I am in and I am in 263 groups.

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Re: Don't you think it's time to GROW UP

Two boring Mossad cover ups not added.

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Re: Gas Chamber for "Jews"

Every one knows what awaits an islamo-fascist moslem bucket if pig shit.... A bullet fired from an Australian Steyr by one of our brave lads. You must be proud of the knucklehead!!

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque"

Gas Chamber for "Jews"

Beside barbaric records of "Jewish" cults based on prejudice and bigotry, manipulation and deception, everyone knows that they should be inside the gas chamber. I have spoken with people from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, UK, USA, …. And all of them expressed the same opinion.

Governments of those countries know about these genuine feelings! In order to suppress these outbursts, they have enacted `laws' to muzzle people in 7 European countries i.e. Denial of Holocaust (?) is a punishable crime. However, the funny part is that they do nothing about the ongoing Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine!

In nutshell, the "Jewish" cults were expelled from more than 2800 places in more than 2800 times. King Arthur hanged three hindered "Jewish" Household heads from the high tower for very good reasons. Hitler had the right idea.

Gas chamber is waiting for them.

And I say, dirty Jew stop lecturing us and find your way to the gas chamber where you belong.

--- In, "mechelsamberg" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?

Yeah, I once had a Christian and also an atheist give me the wrong change in a store so now I NEVER trust any Atheists or Christians. Do you even realize how ignorant your remark is?

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?

Good idea!

I have decided to ignore insanity and profanity of Bruce. He failed to add any value in any debates and discussions.

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Re: [freeamericanow] Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?

Jews found a home in the USA. They should remain loyal to the USA and stop supporting the Zionist State. No dual citizenship With Israel. Helen Thomas is right. All the recent immigrants To Israel and in the stolen Palestinian land should go home. Go Home to Poland, Germany, USA etc etc DO IT NOW.

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?


As I made it clear in many times including The speech of Faruque Ahmed at the Teachers' Club in Honor of Ms. Haneen Joabi MP that all human beings are equal! However, the gas chamber bound peoples' superiority makes me mad.

--- In, "mechelsamberg" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?

It depends on the atheist. Jew hating paranoid Zionist conspiracy retard freaks are not be trusted either.

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?


I have always disliked, and mistrusted the Jews !! When I was a young girl, I worked for a Jewish couple in a jewelry store. The first thing I learned is that a Jew will cheat you anytime he can. You have to get up early to outsmart a Jew !! In college I became a history buff, including Jewish history. The Jews have a dark, tragic, and yet highly successful history. They have given much to history and mankind, and yet have the tendency to turn around and cheat it !! Go figure !!


--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?


I did not know that you are an anti-Zemite?LOL

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Re: Our Enemies, The Israelis... When will the U.S. wake up to the threat?

Bruce, I sure do trust atheists !!! Atheists are the only ones that make any sense and that can think and act and make decisions with any reason what so ever !! The rest have mush for brains....

--- In, "bruce" wrote:

I hope you trust athiests!?

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "mechelsamberg" mechelsamberg@ wrote:

Kind of like why Jews can NEVER trust Xtians. You know, Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, pogroms, the Holocaust, blood libels, etc etc.

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE.... If at any time it will better their situation, Israel will knife a friend (U.S.) in the back !! The Israelies care only for themselves. After all, they are god's chosen people (?) and believe the U.S. and world are their servants. When will the U.S. ever wake up to Israel's real motives of me me me !!!... and stop being used as Israel's servant ???

... Jodie


Our Enemies, The Israelis

When will we wake up to the threat?

By Justin Raimondo

To the hard line Israeli nationalist - a disagreeable species firmly in control of the government in Tel Aviv, now and for the foreseeable future - everyone is an enemy, but especially the Americans, who, to be sure, hold the fate of the Jewish state in their unreliable hands.


In Case You Missed It

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?

Must Watch Video Report

Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series.


Israel's Flotilla Massacre: Made in the USA

By Phyllis Bennis

Decades of uncritical U.S. support-including, most recently, the Bush-initiated and Obama-implemented commitment of $30 billion of U.S. tax money in military aid to Israel over a decade--has ensured that Israel's military power (nuclear and conventional) remains unchallengeable.


The Deadly Closing of the Israeli Mind

By Ilan Pappé

As long as the international community is complacent, the Arab world impotent and Gaza contained, Israel can still have a thriving economy and an electorate that regards the dominance of the army in its life, the continued conflict and the oppression of the Palestinians as the exclusive past, the present and future reality of life in Israel.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taxi Mafia to Media Mafia

Taxi Mafia to Media Mafia

Further to
Do We Need a Barrel of a Gun or A Royal Commission? below, the “anti-Faruque Religion” is getting stronger in Australia. Taxi mafia inspired taxi activists blame Mr. Ahmed for everything. However, they do not have any plan of action for the taxi drivers or the industry in general! Most importantly, none of them got any courage or capability to expose taxi industry corruption in the media or elsewhere!

Recently at a few “anti-Faruque Sessions” Mike Hatrick interjected by saying, “hang on, whatever you say, Faruque is the mover and shaker …. “ and poor Ernie nodded with agreement. As a result the orgy stopped temporarily! Although, it does not means that the orgy won’t start again. It will start, stop and continue as usual. But, what about the media?! Specifically talk back radios? Is there a concerted effort going on to silence dedicated community activist like
Faruque Ahmed? Else, why did they murder popular David Oldfield and replacing him with unpopular and vitriolic Jim Ball?

Do We Need a Barrel of a Gun or A Royal Commission?

values, culture and tradition gave us Australia, Australian values and Psyche! To complicate the situation further, the fear of invasion was very strong in Australia since day one! That's why most Australian media outlets are far too busy with `boat people' and they failed to pay attention to the NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry and many other important issues affecting this land. Even the so called intelligent taxi driver's discussion forums like ozcabs have been dedicating their life to incite racism and sectarianism like Peer Lindholdt of Promiscuity for Virginity.

Anyway, the NSW Labor Party basically owns workers! They can parachute themselves to any union movements. They are also free to take bribes and sell out workers rights as identified in
Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies. They have done so many times before.

Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law was demolished due to The NSW TWU's Crime against Taxi Drivers! It was a taxi driver sell-out by the NSW TWU leaders like Harry Quinn and his gangs. They did so in pursuit of financial gains and according to the news reports of that time, Mr. Quinn had deposited a large amount of cash at the Commonwealth Bank, Eastwood Branch. When he was questioned, "Mr. Quinn, how did you get this money"? His reply was, "winning from the races".

Yesterday, Ms. Lee Rhiannon MLC went on to ask a few questions of Reg Kermode regarding Labor Party President Steve Hutchins Bribe Affairs, but, she was stopped by the Labor Party MLC!

Taxi Drivers' Cry for Justice was decimated by the Demolition Team of Attorney General Jeff Shaw earlier! We have much documentation of this kind of behaviour. Today, even in the Parliament of NSW, no one can ask any question about bribe takings and wrong doings of the Labor Party identities!

Recently Faruque Ahmed Called Attorney General to stop TWU (Labor Party) Crime and the NSW Attorney General's Response to Faruque Ahmed is more than tragic!

Now, the question is, "Do We Need a Barrel of Gun or A Royal Commission?"

Faruque Ahmed
Friday, April 02, 2010

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:
Julius Striker to Jim Ball

Jim Ball, the multi cultural and multi faith man used to incite racism and sectarianism from the Sydney hate-a-thon AKA Radio 2GB! Prior to this period, 2GB used to be one of the better radio stations amongst the commercial ones. His counterpart was Stuart Bocking of 2UE. Poor Stuart used to be the telephone operator and radio man too.

At one stage Jim Ball appeared at radio 2UE equipped with telephone man unlike Stuart Bocking and continued his hate-a-thon. One could smell a rat here! However, as narrated in
David Oldfield to Jim Ball, Jim’s ratings went down whilst David’s popularity (see David Oldfield to David Oldfield) started to climb up. Yet, David Oldfield appeared to be under pressure from some sources, and at one stage they split his popular 2GB slot to weaken him, but he survived!

As mentioned in “Emailed to David Oldfield at Sunday, March 28, 2010” below, some people went on to back stab David and myself. But, that was not good enough! They have now removed the more popular David Oldfield and replaced him with boring Zio-Nazi Jim Ball!

It appears that Alan Jones of Jones Town may be venturing out with other shock jocks including Jim Ball in Manufacturing Consent and Opinion similar to Julius Striker. Shock jocks like Alan Jones and Jim Ball have been inciting prejudice and bigotry by using illogical and irrational fear for a long time. Usually, they avoid debate and hide behind four walls and telephone operators. They also use raw emotion to misguide and misinform the busy and hardworking public into a state of robotic ignorance.

They have already demonstrated their power by removing a national political party leader based on false and fabricated paranoia regarding climate change issues. Now they want to remove the Labor Party with the same tactics!
I am not a fan of the labor party but I reject and condemn this type of manufacturing consent and opinion based on prejudice and bigotry emanating from vindictive xenophobia.

Further to
Freedom of Speech please examine the gutless nature of the Sydney Hate-A-Thon AKA Radio 2GB and 2UE!

New Diary of
Mr. Faruque Ahmed

Saturday, 3 April 2010
I rang 2UE and my call was rejected. Later, no one answered my call. I faced this type of difficulty a few more times this week.
I also rang 2GB and spoke to the prouder who promised to call me back. It happened to me a couple of more times in this week and they did not put on air.
Sunday, 4 April 2010 (2.53 AM)
I rang 2UE and my call was not answered by anyone.
I rang 2GB (2. 58 AM) in a different way and the telephone operator responded. He promised to call me back. In reality he did not.
Monday, 5 April 2010
Mike Williams had approximately two calls after 1.00 PM. I rang 2GB and spoke to a female telephone operator. She asked my name and topic of conversation. She also told me told me to hold but the line was disconnected me.
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
A female caller made enough statement to incite racist and sectarian unrest based on totally false and fabricated reason and grounds. I rang up for a right of reply and eventually radio 2GB rang me back. After 1.00 AM.
We spoke in line with
Burkah, Fear and Paranoia Based on Prejudice and Bigotry and Mike accused me of a few unpleasant things but he failed to provide any evidence in support of his claims.
Wednesday, April 07, 2010
I rang 2UE from my phone and no one picked up the call. I used different technique and it was answered very quickly! Anyway, the telephone operator took my number and he promised to ring me. Yes, Dale rang me back and he conveyed the message that Mike Jeffreys won’t talk to me (2.30 AM.)

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:
Freedom of Speech

For More:
Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Speech

Media outlets must report truthfully and accurately. They should not be silencing the truth and manipulating any event. The media outlets must not manufacture consent and opinion by cheating or tricking. Hiding behind telephone operators and four walls are option for gutless wonders.

Finally, freedom of speech must be respected as it is the most valuable and universal asset.

--- In, "komolarani@..." wrote: Radio Nazis and Zionists of Australia

For More:
Radio Nazis and Zionists of Australia, Radio 2GB

Sydney Radio Nazi Jim Ball was investigated by the Australian Communication and Media Authority due to some quality works of Mr. Faruque Ahmed (Evidence 1 and 2) according to Radio News. Jim Ball is a notorious pest of the radio and his removal is long overdue. However, David Oldfield started to be fair and balanced commentator rather than riding on irrational, fear, paranoia, prejudice and bigotry! According to an informed source, he may have stepped on Zionist toes and they are behind his downfall!

Mr. Faruque Ahmed is a well-known community activist. He has been exposing many crimes and corruptions for a long time. He is also instrumental to many taxi industry reforms. However lately both 2GB and 2UE switchboards are denying him any air time and thus in a way they are preventing to expose many taxi industry crimes like the NSW Labor Party President Steve Hutchins Bribe Affairs!

Manufacturing consent and opinion are two main dirty games in the Australian media outlets including radio 2GB and 2UE! It appears, both 2GB and 2UE are using their telephone operators to silence free speech of
Mr. Faruque Ahmed to appease their advertisers as mentioned in Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB), Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE) and Producers of Radio 2GB earlier.

Mr. Faruque Ahmed is determined to fight for free speech as well as ensure truthful and accurate reporting by the media outlets. From now on he is maintaining “New Diary of Mr. Faruque Ahmed” below.

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote: Radio 2GB to 2UE

For More:
Radio 2GB to 2UE

Further to
Taxi Mafia Rules NSW Government and Politics and Do We Need a Barrel of a Gun or A Royal Commission?, only the Sydney Morning Herald have been carefully exposing taxi mafia crime spree.

Almost after 25 years of sufferings and oppression we managed to start a
NSW Upper House Inquiry in to the Taxi Industry. Most of the big players refused to appear in front of the Inquiry. Even the taxi networks have shown their blatant contempt as mentioned in A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry and Beyond A Critical Observation re NSW Upper House Inquiry!

However, the
The Power of the Taxi Mafia became more obvious when the Taxi Washer to Taxi Mafia virtually ignored and refused to answer most of the questions put to him by the NSW Upper House Committee. It also became clearer when some MLCs including the Committee Chairman and a Labor Party MLC obstructed Ms. Lee Rhiannon MLC and Mr. Trevor Khan MLC to ask a few questions to Reg Kermode!

As a taxi industry activist, I have been talking to talk back radio for a long time and I would like to think that my agitations may have improved the taxi industry a bit and we do have more room for improvement. However, as previously mentioned in
Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB), Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE) and Producers of Radio 2GB and that some shock jocks and producers/management have been denying me airtime for reasons well-known to them.

Ironically, I have not heard many taxi industry activists or your station staffs for that mater to report or discuss about the important issues like the
NSW Upper House Inquiry in to the Taxi Industry!

Mike Williams of 2GB and Mike Jefferys of Radio 2UE duo are also maintaining the blockade against me since the departure of Jim Ball and David Oldfield respectively.

I am sure this is neither a healthy and balanced open to all radio nor a good scenario.

With thanks.

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Saturday, 3 April 2010

Producers of Radio 2GB
For More: Crimes Exposed

Radio 2GB is an infamous hate machine of Sydney. This station is the most high rating radio station of the town. Deliberate and creative injection of prejudice and bigotry along with illogical and irrational fear made 2GB popular amongst the ignoramuses. However, many intelligent Australians are ashamed of the existence of 2GB, Telecrap and other tabloid media outlets!

Most of the vicious and callous shock jocks of 2GB hide behind four walls and telephone operators. These days, they are hiring spiteful and cipher telephone operators to murder free speech.

David Oldfield used to be Pauline Henson’s right hand man and was also supposed to be a racist person as well! However, since his interaction with honest and intelligent 2GB communities he became the king of the night time radio and much better than many closet racists of 2GB. Yet, 2GB splattered his blood all over their radio station.

Anyway, as per his email below, David wanted to talk to me and he asked me to ring him. Yet, I could not talk to him despite six telephone calls to 2GB!

It appears that someone instructed the mighty telephone operator to block my calls. As a result, the switch person ignores my normal mobile number. However, when I use other peoples’ mobile I get thorough straight away!! This again re-enforces the existence of deliberate blockade and quieter switch board of 2GB. On top of these tricks the new switch person also used many other dirty techniques against me. Last night, she ignored my mobile cal and she quickly picked up my call from another person’s phone. When I asked her to explain her continuing irrational actions, she initially pretended that she does not know me! Then she said, “I rang you twice this week and you were sleeping Faruque”. I responded by saying, “you are not telling the truth”. She then got cranky and said, “are you calling me a liar”? I replied, “I will provide evidence to you or to anyone for that matter that you are not telling the truth, and you did not ring me as you claimed”. She became more aggressive and cut me off!

Right now, a carefully orchestrated anxiety and paranoia is emerging regarding the boat people. According to my information, 94% refugees come to Australia via airports by planes with the assistance of airlines, travel agents and high flying lawyers. Surely no one is going to prosecute the above mentioned classes of ‘people smugglers’! On the other hand, only 6% refugees come to Australia via leaky boats and 98% of them are found to be genuine refugees even under very rough and tough laws of Australia.

Most importantly, over the last thirty years only 21 000 refuges ‘invaded” Australia, and it is not a life or death issue of this country. Therefore, no one has to spend 2 million dollar per refuges to defame, demonise, torture and terrorise these unfortunate individuals, as had happened during the Howard era.

Ultimately, refugee bashing doesn’t have to become be the most spectacular sport in town displacing existing Muslims and Arab bashing due to blatant prejudice and bigotry.

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mike Williams of 2GB

I have spoken to you during the illegal and immoral Israeli invasion of Lebanon. You were supportive of that criminal enterprise then, and I opposed it. Would you believe that the Israeli High Court and many decent intellectuals are supportive of my stand! I do not know whether or not you are prepared to talk to me, or any one else with intelligence and integrity, for that matter. Perhaps, as usual, you just want to pollute the airwave with insanity!!

Anyway, the choice is yours and please declare it openly, rather than hiding behind your poor telephone operators and four walls. My phone number is 041 091 4118. You can call me if you want.

Faruque Ahmed

Emailed to David Oldfield at Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear David

Further to
Cabcharge chief to appear at taxi inquiry I have been trying to speak to you and I made a few phone calls without any success. To the best of my knowledge, some people of “Eastern suburbs” do not like you and they want you out of the radio industry. This is not surprising as they have their own priorities, and they do not like anyone who is not a cheer-leader for their racist and fascist causes. Recent encounters with US Vice President Joe Bidone, Secretary Clinton and President Obama are only a few good examples!

Anyway, I do not know is it you, your producer, or your station manager is trying to block me. As you know I would like to expose taxi industry corruption and many other important issues.

However, this time may I take an opportunity to differ with you regarding the ‘boat people’.

Right now a carefully orchestrated anxiety and paranoia regarding the boat people have taken over the horizon. According to my information, 94% refugees come to Australia via airports by planes with the assistance of airlines, travel agents and high flying lawyers. Surely no one is going to prosecute the above mentioned classes of ‘people smugglers’! On the other hand, only 6% refugees come to Australia via leaky boats and 98% of them are found to be genuine refugees even under very rough and tough laws of Australia.

--- On Tue, 16/3/10, David Oldfield wrote:
From: David Oldfield Subject: RE: Peer Lindholdt of OZCABBIE - Let's Talk About TaxisTo: "Faruque Ahmed" Received: Tuesday, 16 March, 2010, 6:36 PM
Thanks Faruque.

Sorry you only got the last minute of the programme Tuesday morning - no doubt we will speak again soon.


From: Faruque Ahmed []Sent: Sun 14/03/2010 9:58 PMTo: Cabbie OZ; David Oldfield; Daily Telegraph; ….
Subject: Peer Lindholdt of OZCABBIE – Let’s Talk About Taxis
Peer Lindholdt of OZCABBIE – Let’s Talk About Taxis

Answers to Questions on Notice: Mr Faruque Ahmed and Five Vital Components of the Taxi Industry are consistent with Faruque Ahmed’s Submission to the NSW Upper House Inquiry re Taxi Industry, Transcript of NSW Upper House Inquiry and Beyond A Call for the NSW Transport and Infrastructure Corruption Inquiry. All of those submissions and documents are supported by corroborative evidence.

I have been speaking to all available media outlets and I did my best to expose the taxi industry corruption for a long time.
Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE) and Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) are self explanatory. However, where are your friends like Jools or Nelson? Did they expose any wrong doings rather than attacking migrants and aboriginals to become mini Reg Kermode at the expense of taxi drivers?! You also regularly promote dictatorial business empire (?) of your partner in crime Michael Jools! His consistently destructive, selfish, and opportunistic behaviour including financial impropriety are rewarded by you all of the time.

This time you wrote in your editorial (OZ Cabbie March 2010), “… Faruque Ahmed who continues to be an embarrassment…”. You also write in page 2 of the same issue, “… Faruque Ahmed and Michael Hatrick for themselves … “. You never wrote anything good about me and many other dedicated taxi industry activists!

Peer, you are one of three saints of
Three Saints without Sanity! A Short History and Warning to Greedy People was dedicated to stop greed of yours.

Please read the
Transcript of NSW Upper House Inquiry should you wish. Despite all of those restrictions, I spoke valiantly and sincerely. On the other hand you even lacked the courage to speak in person in front of the committee.

Last time you wrote, “ … a Muslim extremist like Faruque Ahmed should not have to be elected in the NSW TDA no mater how desperate the NSW TDA is …. When I asked you to provide an example of “Muslim Extremism” you failed to do present an iota of evidence in regard to my so called Muslim Extremism.

You also wrote, “… You Faruque are the true RACIST. You hate "whites" and Jews. You, with your fanatical emails and blogs, are doing more to damage any hope of racial harmony than anyone else I know, and in the process you are destroying the reputation of the NSW TDA.

Unlike the countries where you and your 'brothers' come from, here you Have freedom of speech and the right to express your opinion (as long as you don't incite violence or acts of terrorism). However, you have no right to associate your racist slurs and propaganda with an association which does not, I assume, share your views. … “ PEER
Source: East India Company to White Australia Policy

Historical background of racism and sectarianism rather than taxi industry activism!

Peer's Peers exposes Peer Lindholt’s arrogance, ignorance and blatant racism.

Adolph Hitler to Ross Nelson demonstrates white supremacists’ superiority complex including St Peer of Copenhagen.

Geriatric Islamophobia again demonstrates pure racism and sectarianism rather than taxi industry activism.

In light of consistent racism and saturnism emanating from
St Peer of Copenhagen, I again would like challenge Peer and any other White Supremacist to open the Danish East India Company first and then win the Battle of Plassey like Lord Clive and then commit suicide to escape hanging before re-establishing White Australia Policy. The issue is Taxi Drivers' Safety and do not try to divert that life and death issue by using race and religion cards without any justification!

Again Peer’s racist venom compelled me to write:

You were unhappy about Black, Brown, Yellow, Chinese and Asian taxi drivers! Now you are unhappy because those Black, Brown, Yellow, Chinese and Asian "accents" took over the government departments!! Mate, take it easy and get used to it.
Should you wish to bring back your beloved WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY, you must have a World War 3, shattered Europe, totally destroyed European economy and desperate European refugees who would be willing to work for peanuts in Australia. I bet Europeans who are enjoying a "peace based" European economy and harmony would be interested in your beloved WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY at all.
So, you got the choice! Asian, African, South American desperados would do the shit job like mine for peanut. Smart ones amongst these groups would initially do the crap jobs and then ultimately become bosses of the country because of their university degrees, determination and intuition. In the meantime, you and your Pauline Henson mobs can curse the "WOGs" from Mathew Talbot Hostel.”
Source: White Australia Policy or Destruction of Europe?

Conclusion: Peer, you are gutless wonder and you won’t publish my materials at your useless OZCABBIE magazine. However, I am inviting you to answer me at my blogs without and fear of favour.

Faruque Ahmed
Sydney Taxi Corruption
Sunday, 14 March 2010

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